LE.GNAUHC is a contemporary menswear brand. Our objective behind the brand is to create timeless & essential pieces that are comfortable everyday wear for urban professionals. We strive to embody the individual's ability to portray their narrative through their own unique style. 

As designers, we have lived in multiple places from Asia, US and Europe. Adapting to each culture was always difficult yet exciting. To us, adapting doesn't mean fitting in the society. It is to create your unique own existence. From our experiences, we incorporate habits, lifestyle, culture, weather and utility into the products. We emphasize on attentive details, fit and constructions to exemplify our refined concepts.

Our purposeful vision intends on exhilarating men's style by combining the essentials with a strong contemporary aesthetic; placing the designs in between the present and the past, creating a sense of timelessness with a nonchalant attitude. Most importantly, it is to create a relationship through our designs with individuals to embody their own visions.